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a98 CPT 100, bottom view,
05-04-17, 05:41 PM
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a98 CPT 100, bottom view,
Hello, I have a a98 with a transom mount CPT100, On other Raymarine MFDs I was used to using 50kHz and 200kHz with a thru hull transducer
Using 50kHz, the view of the bottom, the radius from transducer, 20'-30', at 100ft depth 50'-60'. Using 200kHz 50' depth radius from transducer, 2.5-3', total area seen, 5'-6', at 100 ft depth, radius from transducer 3'-6' total area of bottom seen 6'-12' I go diving and spearfishing so knowing this information is important. I knew at 100' and 200kHz what I was looking at was directly under the boat or within a few feet.
However on this MFD there is no adjustment. So when I am looking at either Chirp Sonar or Chrip Downvision, What area am I looking at at the bottom? If the depth is 100 ft, how narrow of scope on the bottom is the cone?
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05-05-17, 09:49 AM
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RE: a98 CPT 100, bottom view,
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum No Free Rides,

Like traditional 50/200kHz sonar plotters, the plot of the CHIRP sonar and DownVision sonar of an ax8 MFD, eSx8 MFD, CP100, and Axiom MFDs it historical. When viewing the plot, the imagery display farthest to the right will be the most recently sounded while the imagery to the left will be increasingly older from right to left. Like Raymarine's traditional 50/200kHz sonar plotter, the CHIRP sonar of the ax8 MFD, eSx8 MFD, CP100, and Axiom MFDs support the A-Scope feature (MENU->DISPLAY MODE SELECT MODE->A-SCOPE) which is designed to provide instantaneous imaging of the water column beneath the transducer.

Regarding the area of coverage provided by the beam of the CHIRP and DownVision sonar elements of the transducer at an depth, Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
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