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[TG11] Axiom pro (internal cp470) chirp kHz sonar range
06-25-18, 02:01 PM (This post was last modified: 06-26-18 03:44 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[TG11] Axiom pro (internal cp470) chirp kHz sonar range
Hi All

Can you please advise. We fish out of the Gold Coast Australia sport fish, deep drop and hit the shallow reefs (24 to 50 fathoms) so we are fishing water from 100m to 1100m in depth.
I am looking for good all rounder and believe the Axiom Pro would best suit my needs, my boat is only 7m and plate alloy so the below transducers have been recommended;
RV-100 transducer(in shore only)
SS175L transducer
SS175H-W transducer
Y cables to suit

After looking for the Sonar specs i couldn’t find full details on the “in built cp470”. The install manual states the unit to have 1x 50 kHz low and 1x 200kHZ high?

However the CP470 CHIRP Sonar specs are Dual CHIRP from 25 to 250kHz

Is this right or does the axiom pro have Dual CHIRP from 25 to 250kHz capacity?

Sorry to bombard you could you also please confirm the next question.

I believe the axiom pro will only ping one transducer then the next at 1kw so low kHZ returns in deep water may be slow? Is this the same for the cp470? ( I know the cp570 has full separation and can ping 2 transducers at the same time at full power)

Can you please confirm and advise

Thanks heaps Michael
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06-27-18, 02:30 AM
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RE: [TG11] Axiom pro (internal cp470) chirp kHz sonar range
Hello Michael,

Good question, I'll agree that some of the specs are a little vague on that.

The Axiom Pro does do Chirp. It's not quite the same band coverage as the CP470, but does cover the full range of all the Airmar Chirp transducers that we supply, in the Low, Medium and High bands.

You are exactly right about dual-frequency, dual-range on both Axiom Pro and CP470: they will alternate pings on the two frequencies. This is the CP570's party trick, it can ping the two more-or-less independently, giving fast scroll on the shallow range whilst also pinging a deep range too. If that's the sort of thing you want to do regularly then your options would be:

1. Fit a CP570
2. Use the SS175L for the deepwater range and use the RV100's Chirp Sonar channel for the shallow-water range. This won't have the same depth performance as SS175H-W, but will ping at a faster rate than the SS175H-W would (at the same time as the SS175L.)

One other point: that combination of Axiom-Pro internal and SS175 isn't going to get the bottom at the deepest end of the depth range you mention (1100m.) That product combination will get bottom in probably 700m, but not much past that. If you want to see the bottom in 1100m then I'd say you should be looking at an R109/R111/R409/PM411/R509 type transducer, and a CP470 or CP570 (2kW). With R509 + CP570, I've seen the bottom in 3000m off Sydney.


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