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Cutting and rejoining Raymarine Ethernet Cables (RayNet, SeaTalkhs, etc.)
09-09-19, 09:33 AM
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Cutting and rejoining Raymarine Ethernet Cables (RayNet, SeaTalkhs, etc.)
Cutting and rejoining Raymarine Ethernet (RayNet Cables, SeaTalkhs Cables, Digital Radar Cables, Quantum Data Cables, etc.)

Raymarine products requiring high bandwidth communications are designed communicate with one another via marinized Ethernet networking components. Raymarine's RayNet, SeaTalkHS, Digital Radar Cables, and Quantum Data Cables have been designed for this purpose and will support Ethernet communications between compatible Raymarine products featuring RayNet, SeaTalkhs, RJ45, Digital Radar, or Quantum Data communications sockets. Raymarine RayNet Cables, SeaTalkhs Cables, and Digital Radar Cables featuring RJ45 termination are manufactured with T568B termination.

It is generally advised that Raymarine cable not be cut / spliced to ensure maximum performance and reliability of the system. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing recommendations for Digital Radar Cable installations onboard vessels where the structure to which the radar transducer will be mounted may be removed. However, should it be necessary to remove a RJ45 plug from a SeaTalkhs / RayNet / Ethernet cable, then it would be recommended that the plug be replaced with a shielded RJ45 (M) plug (see the link above regarding T568B termination). Similarly, should a RayNet, SeaTalkhs, or Quantum Data Cable need to be cut and then rejoined, then it would be recommended that a shielded RJ45 (M) plug be installed on the cut ends of the cable and that an R32142 RJ45 to RJ45 Waterproof Coupler then be used to re-join the cable. Alternatively, the cable ends may then be rejoined using a marine grade Ethernet Cable Junction Box. If cutting and rejoining a section of a Digital Radar Cable which is not it's data leg, then one will additionally need to address rejoining the cable's power leads and shield.

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