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[CA11] SeaTalkNG to NMEA2000 Connection
12-20-19, 10:01 AM
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RE: [CA11] SeaTalkNG to NMEA2000 Connection

Q1. That does raise a secondary question. NMEA 2000 cables seem to only be differentiated for specific use based on length where cables connecting devices ("spur" ) to the backbone can't exceed 6 meters. With STNG, are there physical differences between backbone and spur cables beside color coding? As an FYI, after chasing this stuff in less than comfortable spaces color coding for purpose alone is worth the price of admission.
A1. I can't argue with the value of color coding in this instance. The difference between SeaTalkng Backbone Cables and SeaTalkng Spur Cables are that
- the SeaTalkng Spur Cables contain an additional lead to support SeaTalk communications with legacy SeaTalk products
- SeaTalkng spur plugs & sockets (white) differ from SeaTalkng backbone plugs & sockets (blue), preventing incorrect assembly and to aid in understanding the type of cable or component which will be connected to socket or cable.

Q2. Going back to my question on STNG<>NMEA2000 integration, while I have not pulled out all of the wiring it appears that there is a terminating resistor on the NMEA2000 side and one on the STNG. Is that a correct assumption, or have I overlooked something in my visual inspection?
Q2. There should be two termination resistors / plugs within a properly constructed backbone. These will be located at the two opposite / extreme ends of the backbone.

Q3. And like the power source question, would termination rules change with a conversion to a single power source?
A3. Negative.
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