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[TG] [TG11] i60 Wind Poblems
05-15-20, 12:14 AM
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RE: [TG11] i60 Wind Poblems
Hello Tim,

Quote:1/ wind angle needle appears to be accurate whereas digital value is incorrect. Wind direct on the bow shows as such with the needle but the digital value is 150 degrees. Shouldn’t it be zero with wind on the bow ?

Assuming you're looking at the same wind data type (apparent or true wind angle or ground wind direction) on the two displays, what this will be is actually an offset in the low-level calibration of the pointer, so that the pointer is pointing in a different direction to where your display thinks it is (in the case of your example, the display thinks that the pointer is at 150 degrees.) This was common on ST60 analogue displays and still happens occasionally on i60. See this FAQ for the solution.

Quote:2/ true vs apparent wind values are incorrect. The values are generally very similar. For example, if we are moving at 6 knots into a 6 kn wind, I would expect to see 6 kn true and 12kn apparent. Instead, the display shows both try and apparent as being close to 6 kn.

If the digital wind angle is wrong, True wind calculations will also be wrong. Once we get the pointer cal set up, and then the wind-angle alignment reset correctly, I suspect that the True wind will also be correct but if not, come back to us.

Quote:3/ Wind readings appear to be erratic and generally a fair bit lower than actual.

This is also going to contribute to incorrect true wind calcs of course. You may have something interfering with the wind signal (two 0 - 8V square-wave pulses per rotation of the cups) coming down the masthead cable, which is causing the display not to be able to count all of the pulses reliably. A good technical dealer would be able to test this, for example with another display or masthead unit and by looking at the signals with an oscilloscope. That's what I personally would be doing if I were on the boat. The cause could be a poor contact, moisture in the masthead connector (sometimes even professionals don't screw the locking collar all the way down to compress the sealing O-ring) or an electrical noise signal on the cabling. I've seen noise signals cause both low wind-speeds and very high wind-speeds, depending on the frequency and voltage scale of the noise.

If your installer were a Raymarine Service Dealer then you have on-board warranty and I'd get them or the nearest Raymarine Service Dealer to where you are now to have a look. Tick Certified Installation at to find your nearest Service Dealer.


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