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Radar/Plotter Bearing Mode

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Radar/Plotter Bearing Mode
01-11-17, 01:26 AM
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Radar/Plotter Bearing Mode
I have e127 and e125 networked MFDs with the e127 as master. The e127 is used as the chart plotter in North up mode and the e125 as the radar display in Head up mode. A data box is set up on the chart plotter to display cursor position with the bearing in degrees magnetic. I Have tried to set up a corresponding data box on the radar display which would read the cursor bearing in degrees relative to ship's head, as I do not have a heading indicator. This data box would show the same information as the VRM/EBL shows if the cursor is placed in the same position. However the only bearing setup choices I can find are degrees true or magnetic, both of which require a heading indicator. Without a relative bearing mode I am unable to get a cursor position on the radar display. Is there a setup option somewhere that will allow me to get a cursor position in degrees relative? Thanks.
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Radar/Plotter Bearing Mode - Ian Kelly - 01-11-17 01:26 AM

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