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Ev-1 not seeing drive

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Ev-1 not seeing drive
02-15-17, 08:23 PM
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Ev-1 not seeing drive
My autopilot stopped working. The error was no drive detected.

I checked the autopilot connections and voltage and could find no problem.

I then refreshed the software for my entire Raymarine suite, successfully.

Now I can't get through the wizard.


- I'm running ev-1, acu 100, p70, i50 depth, i50 speed and i60 wind, with e7 MFD
- the software update was successful for all of these components
- all components are working fine, other than the autopilot
- I did a pilot factory reset
- I set the "vessel hull" type, but in the vessel settings menu there is no option to select "drive type" per the manual section 3.1; it just isn't there; see attached photo; the menu doesn't scroll down below what is in the photo

As a result (i think) the wizard prompts me to turn the wheel port, starboard etc., but then throws up the error message of inconsistent values and I can't proceed through the wizard steps.

Any help would be appreciated.

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