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Need Help with C80/DSM30 Ver Upgrade

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Need Help with C80/DSM30 Ver Upgrade
05-08-17, 03:13 PM
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Need Help with C80/DSM30 Ver Upgrade
Hello, I have a C80 (Ver 5.16) connected directly to a DSM30 (Ver 4.10) that worked (saw the sonar icon functioning). I was trying to upgrade the DSM30 to the latest software (Ver 4.20 and Bootload 5.18). I downloaded the 3 files and installed them to the Navionics Compact Flash (CF) card.

It took several tries but the Bootloader finally loaded (only to 50%, but that is normal, I think). I cannot get the upgrade file to load. Instructions say "UPGRADE REMOTE UNIT ON SeaTalkhs" but I don't have SeaTalkhs, my C80 unit said "UPGRADE REMOTE UNIT ON SONAR PORT", so I push that function key and de-power/re-power the DSM30 with no results. I get the screen that shows the % loaded indicators, but they never change from 0%. No function keys or buttons work until I re-cycle the C80 power, then the upgrade screen appears if the CF is inserted or the chart page loads with the CF removed.

Now, the Fishfinder is no longer recognized (the sonar icon shows no signal going from the boat to the bottom) and when I try to identify the software version is says "NO DEVICE". Also, before the light on the bottom of the DSM30 used to be yellow, now it is green?

I'm sure this has happened to someone else, can somebody help me get my Fishfinder back on line. BTW, the B117 transducer is not connected yet, it that makes any difference.

1987 Gulfstar Sailcruiser
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