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Adjusting Heading alignment ST6001

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Adjusting Heading alignment ST6001
06-12-17, 02:35 PM
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Adjusting Heading alignment ST6001
A couple of years ago my E12122 auto pilot Computer had a problem and I had to have it repaired.
When I reinstalled it I went through the compass calibration procedure running the boat in circles and all that. The auto pilot has worked well since, with the exception that the heading alignment has been off by about 5 to 7 degrees ever since. the chart plotter shows the course correctly and the boat follows the course, but it always shows the boat slightly turned to starboard. I am not sure if this effects the performance of the auto pilot, but it always bugs me and I would like to fix it.
My manual say "After completing the initial compass calibration, you can make further adjustments to the alignment without having to swing the compass again".
The manual does not go on to say how to do this with out swinging the compass again. I have a hard time finding a day where the water conditions, currents and wind conditions are suitable for swinging the compass. It would be great if I could figure out how to fine tune the heading alignment with out having to swing the compass. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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