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EV-150 - Voltage - Pump Supply
06-27-17, 02:33 PM (This post was last modified: 06-27-17 02:37 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: EV-150 - Voltage - Pump Supply
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Brett,

The ACU-150 is designed for use with the M81120 12VDC Type 1 Hydraulic Pump. Please verify that is hasn't been interfaced to a 24VDC hydraulic pump by examining the pump's label for the pump's part number.

If interfaced to the correct model of hydraulic pump, then it is recommended that the ACU-150 be bypassed to test the autopilot's hydraulic pump. To do so,
1) the rudder should be centered,
2) the pump's power leads should be temporarily disconnected from the ACU-150.
3) the pump's power leads will then be connected momentarily to +12VDC and -12VDC to verify that the pump is able to drive the rudder in one direction.
4) the pump's power leads will be disconnected from +12VDC and -12VDC
5) Steps 1 through 4 will be repeated, this time reversing the connections to +12VDC and -12VDC to verify rudder movement in the opposite direction.

Is your pump operating properly when connected directly to power?
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