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EV-150 issues
09-20-17, 03:01 PM
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RE: EV-150 issues
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Steve,

Q1) Do I need to remount the p70Rs control head in a different location?? I really have no other place to install it. The instructions don't mention interference from MFDs as being an issue. ( I have attached a picture of the current console configuration)
A1) No. It is quite possible to that the subject interference is resulting from RF interference from the ACU or the drive unit. First, the following installation issues should be addressed / verified:
- the transducer cable has not been bundled / routed with other cables.
- that you verify that the drain leads/terminals of the Raymarine products have been addressed per the FAQ found here.
- that RF Chokes / suppression ferrites have been installed on the drive unit's motor leads as well as the ACU's power leads
- motor leads are not bundled with communications or transducer cables.

If you have addressed the items listed above, and the autopilot be placed into standby mode, then no interference should be observed within the MFDs. Should the interference only occur when the autopilot is operating in pattern, auto, or track mode, then the problem would be associated with ACU or motor noise. Where has the ACU been installed relative to the MFDs?

Q2. How do I get the boat heading to return to a bow forward course on the chart plotter? Do I need to do redo the linearization process? Do I need to lock the compass afterwards?? Is that also why there is a difference between my compass heading and that displayed on my p70Rs and the MFD displays?
A2. What was the maximum deviation detected by the autopilot (MENU->SET-UP->DIAGNOSTICS->ABOUT PILOT ... scroll the displayed screen to the bottom to locate this value. Where has the ACU been relative to the EV-1 Sensor Core?
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