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ST290 Display (E22056)
12-04-17, 08:22 AM
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RE: ST290 Display (E22056)
Upgrading piecemeal is fine as long as you keep aware of what data is available on SeaTalk and what is available on STng, remember that only Navigation data and AIS can be copied through STng, radar, Sonar, cartography etc is sent via RayNet.

A safe rule is to keep your SeaTalk network and your STng network completely separate, then use an E22158 SeaTalk to STng converter to bridge data between the two networks. Note that the A22164 is only a converter cable anabling one style of plug - Seatalk to connect to another style - STng - it does not convert data and should not be used in that way. the ONLY way to convert data between the two networks is the E22158 SeaTalk to Stng converter.

To be honest, it is better to leave the ST7001 on SeaTalk and then convert all the existing SeaTalk to STng in one go through the SeaTalk to STng converter.

The drawing you attached is good, connect 12v power to the backbone, (you have indicated a {power cable?} on the drawing - this is correct actually), The A22164 connection to the converter is good, one point is to disconnect the red wire inthe cable, since you should only have one 12v power source to Stng and in all cases it is better to have 12v direct to STng , since SeaTalk will also be powered from the autopilot course computer - you will end up with two power sources and so cutting teh red (12v) wire in the A22164 will rectify this issue. One final point, why are you using the A06048 to connect to the i50? this is a STng connection, unless you have truncated the drawing and are connecting the STng to the 5 pin SeaTalk 2 from the ST290 at some point??
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