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[CA] EV-100 questions

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[CA] EV-100 questions
02-13-18, 01:46 PM (This post was last modified: 02-13-18 04:54 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA] EV-100 questions
I've followed initial instruction of reading the FAQ and still have questions surrounding the use of an EV-100 Power for my application.

The FAQ states that the Type 0.5 pump is for 50cc-100cc steering rams. This FAQ is dated 2016.

The Raymarine drive unit selection page of the website shows differently. It states that the Type 0.5 pump is for 50cc-150cc steering rams.

Which is correct, I'm assuming the product page on the website is more up to date?
What caused the increase in the capability of the Type 0.5 pump?

However, if I go to the cylinder ram size chart, it does not show the Type 0.5 working under any scenario. Is this chart out of date now? Or is the Type 0.5 just too small to actually work well under any outboard hydraulic steering ram scenario?

I have a 20' center console with Sea Star hydraulic steering and a 2015 Yamaha F150XB. The ram is a HC5345 which has a 136.6 cc volume. I see previous threads dating years old now that do not recommend the Type 0.5 for a similar capacity ram as mine. Yet now, based on the specs on the site it would be sufficient, I think. I will use the autopilot for long straight runs offshore and for trolling to free up my hands to tend to lines. For what it's worth, I have an eS78, Axiom 9, and Quantum wifi radar all updated to the latest LH3 software and networked together.

I'm looking for some clarity on this. Is the Type 0.5 now sufficient to use for 136.6 cc ram? Or is it going to really struggle? Would I be far better off to step up to the EV-150 package?
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