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(DG) ST2000 in-cockpit breaker?

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(DG) ST2000 in-cockpit breaker?
02-22-18, 06:47 PM (This post was last modified: 02-23-18 09:55 AM by Derek - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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(DG) ST2000 in-cockpit breaker?
I've been using my ST2000 on a ~7000 lb Cal 2-27 for just over a year now. It's great, except for all the times I accidentally knock it off the tiller pin, or a huge gust forced the boat to round up before I could get to the sheets, and the tiller pilot goes hard over one way or the other and the fuse blows. I'm getting tired of jumping into the cabin, digging out my box of fuses and magnifying glass so I can read the little fuse and make sure I've selected the right one, and putting a fresh fuse in my DC fuse panel -- all while sailing singlehanded, usually.

I'm thinking about putting a breaker in the cockpit, right at the tiller pilot where I can easily reset it. The ST2000 manual says the circuit should be protected with a 12A fuse, and since I don't see many 12A marine breakers I figure I'll go with 10A breaker and leave the 12A fuse in my DC panel. That way the panel fuse should never blow, and I don't need to leave the cockpit to reset the circuit.

Does this make sense? Have other people done this?

And just griping here, but why on earth don't the tiller pilots have built-in controls to stop the motor from sucking up current when the piston has reached its limit?!
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(DG) ST2000 in-cockpit breaker? - adam_s - 02-22-18 06:47 PM

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