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Follow Route (Reverse) - Mid-Route
04-05-16, 10:06 AM (This post was last modified: 04-05-16 10:12 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: Follow Route (Reverse) - Mid-Route

Thanks for the feature clarification. Your suggested feature may save several operational steps. A feature request will be logged accordingly.

Unlike some third party products which create a temporary copy of the route and utilize the temporary copy of the route for navigation (i.e. Follow Route), Raymarine products navigate using the original route. As such, a route originally containing the sequence of waypoints wpt1->wpt2->wpt3 will be saved with the sequence wpt3->wpt2->wpt1 when reversed. As such, a route should be inspected for the desired sequence before being commanded to be followed. Should the reverse sequence be desired, then the route editor will need to be commanded to reverse the route's direction. After doing so, it will then be possible position the cursor over a point within the graphically displayed route and then command the route to be followed from the selected point. Should navigation be active (i.e. GoTo Waypoint/Cursor Location or Follow Route), then it will be necessary to command Stop GoTo or Stop Follow prior commanding the MFD to Follow From Here.
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