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[CA11] I'd like to view depth and COG together in one display

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[CA11] I'd like to view depth and COG together in one display
06-09-18, 04:54 PM (This post was last modified: 06-12-18 03:40 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] I'd like to view depth and COG together in one display
I have searched the Raymaine Forum and have learned some things - but have not found an answer to my question - Does Raymarine have one instrument or MFD that will display both depth and Course over Ground data together in one screen display?
I recently purchased a "like new" 23 foot trailerable solid fiberglass hull sailboat that has zero electronics or instrumentation - I mean nothing. I will use the boat mostly for day sails and weekend overnights in coastal waters near my home port. I do not plan to fish from the boat. I will not be racing the boat. I want to add the minimal electronics/instruments to gain basic functions - mounted VHF radio; magnetic compass; depth sounder display. I want to use a P79 in hull depth transducer. I have read on this forum that the i40 depth instrument should not be used with a P79 transducer. If I must consider a display instrument or MFD to gain compatibility with a P79 transducer, it would be nice to have the instrument/MFD display COG along with depth. I have studied the online web pages for Raymarine i50, i70, axiom7, etc., and can find zero information about customizing screen displays to show depth and COG. I will not be adding wind data transducers or motor data transducers or any of the other fancy do-dads that the i70 and axiom units for example make such great use of. If I had a VHF radio with GPS and GPS related data - can I interface the VHF GPS data with a Raymarine display instrument to add COG data to the display? Just wondering?
I want to add a few basic functions to my sailboat (VHF communications; depth data; heading/compass data) while not over complicating and unnecessarily driving the cost up for functions I will never use. Thanks.
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