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[CA] [CA11] Evolution sensor core and AC interference
06-20-18, 09:15 AM (This post was last modified: 06-22-18 08:30 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] Evolution sensor core and AC interference
My recently installed Evolution AP works great. however, I ran my air conditioning dockside for the first time last week. The next trip out my AP heading was off by 180 degrees. Because the AP had been working without issue for several trips and the only thing that changed was the usage of the air conditioner, I am assuming that caused the problem. I unplugged the sensor core spur cable from the system and re-plugged it in and that fixed the heading issue.

My sensor core is a little over 3' away from the AC unit itself so I hope that distance is sufficient. However, there is a wiring run containing the power line for the air condition that my sensor core is within 3' of. About 18" away.

As I go about trying to find a new location, here are my questions:

1) Is it a problem that the backbone cable to the sensor core shares a wiring run with AC power lines?

2) If 1 is not a problem, I assume the core itself needs to be at least 3' away from that power line run in addition to that distance from away from the air conditioner itself, correct?

3) The power lines are run inside a PVC tube. Is there any shielding material I can cover the PVC tube with to minimize the effects of the AC on the sensor core? The location I have now is about as ideal as its going to get.


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