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[DG] [DG11] Autohelm 5000 Pre ST drive unit
07-18-18, 04:51 AM
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RE: [DG11] Autohelm 5000 Pre ST drive unit
HI James,
Thank you for your enquiry.

the Rotary drive that you have is from our Early analogue range, circa 1986/1987, these drive units contained a PCB and power electronics for the drive unit and as such are fully incompatible with current electronics used in our Autopilots.

The only possibility is to adapt the drive unit by removing the internal electronics and modifying the clutch and motor leads to extend them outside the casing of the drive unit so they can be connected to the Clutch and Motor outputs of an ACU200. The ACU200 will also require an EV1 heading controller and a p70s Control unit.

I would advise that although the drive may look new, the clutch has been dormant for so many years that it may not function, just as would happen in a car, so it would be as well to test the drive fully before deciding whether to use it or not.
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