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[LW11] Integration Axiom 7 DV with old ST60 equipment
11-20-18, 06:55 AM
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RE: [LW11] Integration Axiom 7 DV with old ST60 equipment
Dear Carlos Varela,

Thank you for posting in the forum.

Your ST1 system compromising of the ST60 wind, ST60 Tri-Data, ST6002 autopilot control head and the SP-X5 are all integrated correctly.

To integrate the third party AIS unit on to a STng backbone with an Axiom 7 and ST1 to STng converter you will need to revise your drawing.

To integrate a third party NMEA 0183 AIS unit on to the STng backbone you will need a NMEA conversion gateway, this could be the Acti-sense Gateway click here . It will also require having the AIS software loaded on to the gateway to enable it to operate at the 38400 baud rate.

The STng network will require a power supply of 12v, the ST1 to STng converter kit will come with a power cable for the back bone. I recommend only attaching the yellow and bare wire from the the STng converter to your ST1 network, the ST1 network already has a power source from the SP-X5, you can tape the end of the red wire and tuck away.

Your Axiom 7 will require a female devicenet to STng adaptor cable as will the NMEA conversion gateway to connect them to the STng backbone.

You will also need to purchase the STNG backbone kit as the ST1 to STng converter will not have enough ports for all of the devices on your network.

A list of additional components and part numbers are below;

ST1 to STng converter is E22158
female devicenet to STng cable is A06045
STng starter kit is T70134

Best Regards
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