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[CA] [CA11] Adding RMK-10 Keyboard to two axiom 9’s already networked.
02-26-19, 01:03 PM
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RayNet Networking on eS series with 2 RayNet Ports
I think this is a reasonable thread?

I am installing 2 new eS series MFD's and want to take advantage of the 2 RayNat ports on each MFD's. I need to research exactly how these RayNet ports can be configured and can find NO information what so ever anywhere. I can not just guess how these 2 sets of ports interact with each other because I need to purchase expensive cables.. SO: Can I Connect an RD418D to the first RayNet port on the below deck MFD and then daisy chain the from RayNet port 2 to RayNet port 1 on the second display? If I can, can either MFD be the MASTER. If this is doable Can I also install an RMK-10 on the free second port on the second machine?

I want to avoid powering a network switch if possible...
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RayNet Networking on eS series with 2 RayNet Ports - mainehunter426 - 02-26-19 01:03 PM

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