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[CA11] ST60 Depth transducer replacement

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[CA11] ST60 Depth transducer replacement
05-13-19, 12:53 PM (This post was last modified: 05-14-19 08:30 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] ST60 Depth transducer replacement
I just purchased a used ST60 depth instrument. It is replacing an older ST50 unit. I believe that the current depth transducer is a retractable E26030 model. The ST50 was working fine prior to the replacement. After replacing the ST60 depth instrument, I made sure it was set to the "Master" setting since it is on a connection by itself - not connected to my Seatalk 1. The instrument is reading a constant a 3 " - - - ". My understanding is that this may indicate a bad cable or connection. I have checked both the cable and connection - new connectors were installed on end of cable - and both seem fine. In order to diagnose the problem, I was thinking that I should run the built in test function on the instrument first to make sure there is no internal problem. If that checks out, I may need to replace the transducer. If that is the case, I noticed that the E26030 retractable transducer came with two screw caps - one with a ring (which mine has) and another with no ring. Question: Does it matter which version of the E26030 transducer (ring or no ring) I purchase. I assume they both fit in the same housing. Or is there a way to diagnose whether the current transducer is faulty. Thanks for your guidance and suggestions in helping me diagnose my problem.

Mark Gadson

Mark P. Gadson
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