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[LW] [LW11] Axiom 9 disappointments
06-21-19, 07:00 AM
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RE: [LW11] Axiom 9 disappointments
Dear Joeyblakis,

Thank you for your response.

It would seem you are trying to compare the functionality of the Navionics app with the Axiom and they are different products, therefore

Q1) Navionics Android App shows MPH (supplied from GPS speed). Since Axiom also has GPS combined with Navionics it should do the same
A2) The Navionics app and the Axiom both use different GPS sources and will not be able to share the same data source. The units that are displayed for the speed are chosen by the user on the Axiom so these can be changed. If you wish to view your SOG on the Axiom as mph - you can change this in the unit settings menu.

Also to explain further once we hit go on a track or route MPH appears on the Android Navionics App - are you starting the track from the Axiom or the app?

Q2) When creating a Dock to Dock route on the Axiom it tends to put you going through docks and jetty s (boat setting already applied) where as the Android app completes the route with no faults .
A2) Have you got a current up to date Navionics platinum chart card with an active subscription in the Axiom? In the home page> CHART APP>MENU>SETTINGS - does the Navionics text line state it has a current subscription?
Have you got Lighthouse 3.9.46 installed in the Axiom?

Q3) My Marina supplies us with WIFI yet we are unable to update Navianics via WIFI on the Axiom and have to remove the card and update it on a Laptop.
A3) The Navionics chart card updates by wirelessly connecting to your Navionics app, the updates are then transffered over to the card from your app. The app updates from a wifi source or personal data, the Axiom does not update the Navionics card via WiFi. Please refer to the Navionics instructions here.

Many Thanks
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