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[CA] [CA11] NMEA0183 Axiom Pro behavior
06-18-19, 09:59 PM (This post was last modified: 06-20-19 02:26 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] NMEA0183 Axiom Pro behavior
Hi Chuck and Team!

I am curious about the following behavior:

I have my Axiom Pro setup via nmea0183 to a legacy Robertson Simrad Autopilot J300X controller to send waypoint data (for navigation) and receive heading input back into the Axiom Pro.

When I power up the Axiom first, all systems are GO. Internal GPS works and locks. Then, when I power on the auotpilot there's some sort of GPS conflict over 0183, and the Axiom Pro immediately drops (stops process?) the internal GPS receiver.

First , (maybe due to this conflict) the autopilot does not like the waypoint or route data and reports it as "no valid data found" when I try to enter nav mode.

Second, after said conflict and turning off the autopilot, the internal GPS receiver recovers (with or without a re-boot) but the nmea0183 nav data (waypoint, routes, time, GPS, etc...) is disabled. To get it back I have to do a "power on reset" (hold back/active buttons while powering on) and the 0183 nav data comes back. (Sadly this blows out all waypoint and user settings unless backed up).

I am also in the middle of my Raymarine Evo autopilot installation, but had a few hiccups running cable, so I need to make this old one work for a few weeks.


1. The autopilot is also receiving GPS data from a legacy Simrad VX2 Plotter with GPS antenna. Do you think I'd get better results by just disconnecting that GPS antenna and let the Axiom Pro be the sudo "Data Master" over 0183 with GPS position, and Nav data to the autopilot ?
2. On conflicts such as this is there a "stop bit" or similar which requires Power On Reset to re-enable them?

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