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[CA11] Weather not showing on es 97
07-09-19, 12:56 PM (This post was last modified: 07-09-19 12:56 PM by Dave - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [CA11] Weather not showing on es 97
Hello macman,

Have you confirmed network connectivity with the es97? I highly suggest going into Setup > Maintenance > Diagnostics > Select Device, and see if you find the SR150 in the list. If the SR150 does not show up in the "Select Device" list, and the network LED is flashing, then the SR150 will need to come in for service. If the SR150 does show up in the list, then the unit is communicating with the MFD and the next bit of information required is signal strength. To find signal strength, go in to the Weather application and look at the upper-right corner of the display. If you have less than "High" signal strength, you may want to evaluate the antenna's positioning, cabling, or location of the vessel. If you have "High" signal strength, have the latest patch SW loaded, and have all graphics turned to "on", but are not seeing any weather ranged out to the entire Us continent, then the product will need to come in for evaluation by our Service department.

You can book a repair using our customer portal HERE

- Dave
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