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07-09-19, 07:26 AM
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Dear Crobinson,

Thank you for your post.

Where is the Dragonfly mounted? Does it have a clearview of the sky? The GPS will struggle to get a fix if it is mounted inside, underneath a canopy or mounted in a metal dash.

You can also try resetting the unit;
1 - (With the unit powered off) Press and release the power key to turn it on, as soon as you see the “Dragonfly” logo on the screen, press and hold the power key.

2 - You will now see a reset menu page.

3 - Press the power key to select the required option (1. Reset FLOB and Bluetooth) which will reset the unit back to factory defaults.

4 - The unit will then count down 7 seconds and then do the option selected. If you have changed you mind, press the power key before the 7 seconds runs out, until you get to the top of the menu with no count down.

Please make sure you have backed up any Waypoints/Tracks/User Settings that you wish to keep to an external mSD card before performing the reset. You will not be able to recover them afterwards.

Many Thanks
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