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[TG11] Axiom LH3 "own AIS target"

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[TG11] Axiom LH3 "own AIS target"
08-16-19, 07:45 PM (This post was last modified: 08-22-19 02:00 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[TG11] Axiom LH3 "own AIS target"
Recenty installed AIS transponder (GME AIS120T class B - australia)
onto N2K network connected to Axiom MFDs (x2)
Only one MFD configured as data master.

its all working as expected .. except..
I now see my own boat MMSI/name shown as an AIS target.

I have checked the settings in AIS transponder (using AIS pro2) USB config
tool, all correct. (it correctly shows "all other targets" in its AIS "other targets list")

Likewise I have a standard horizon GX2200E with inbuilt AIS capability (connected via Actisense AIS nmea0183 to n2000 converter)
that I CAN connect to N2K if required. (normally AIS output from this to N2K disabled)

Likewise if i disconnect AIS (GME) transponder from N2K
(but leave it powered up and transmitting as normal)
AND then enable GX2200 to send AIS data to N2K
.. I get the same problem - Axiom displays my own AIS target. (verified the same MMSI as programmed into BOTH GX2200 and AIS120T)

Summary: using either AIS source (but not at same time), the Axiom displays
my own boat as an AIS target. (& hence its impossible to enable AIS alarms etc)

I cannot find anywhere in LH3 to input an MMSI to identify my boat,
and there are no settings in EITHER of the AIS source units to disable this.
Both source units have correct MMSI & KNOW what my own boat MMSI is.

It is not possible to connect AIS source/s to Axiom MFD via 0183 .. for obvious reason.

can you pls advise if ths is a known shortcoming of Axiom LH3 PGN (AIS) implementation
and what you can suggest to correct this.
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