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[DG11] LightHouse 3.10.42 upgrade install
12-21-19, 06:57 PM
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RE: [DG11] LightHouse 3.10.42 upgrade install
Just finished the update, had a lot of issues but finally got it to work. Updated p70, RVX1000, and individual components easily via wifi, however the lighthouse update was 1.3gb. It took 4 hrs to download the update via wifi, then failed when it went to install it.

I then attempted to update via SD card. After much trial and error I got it to work by downloading the zip file. A couple key points....

1) I used a 4gb card, it would not work with my 64gb.
2) when unzipping the file, located in download folder on laptop, right click on it, then instruct it to unzip the files to the root directory on the cf card. Don't move the zip file to the sd card, then unzip. And don't unzip it to your laptop, then move the files to the SD.

Following those 2 points should solve any probs. Took me over 6 hours to get this update to work. The last one was done via wifi and was flawless.

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