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[DG] [DG11] ST60 Wind displays wrong angle
09-06-19, 10:55 AM
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RE: [DG11] ST60 Wind displays wrong angle
Hi Fabrizio,

The two beeps is only featured the very first time ever the wind display completes 2 circles, thereafter, regardless of whether it has been powered off, the two beeps never reoccur. Basically what happens is that those first two circuits are needed to establish the basic wind calibration between the wind sensors and the wind electronics, thereafter, this calibration is improved every addition circle and the improved corrections are then applied to this initial calibration. So the wind instrument constantly tries to improve the calibration all the time it is powered up.
This calibration is purely to ensure the correlation between the pointer direction and the electronics is smooth and consistent, the calibration to align the pointer with the current wind direction is a separate process.

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