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[CA11] Rudder Hard Over When Engaging Autopilot
03-13-20, 03:06 PM (This post was last modified: 03-13-20 03:45 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA11] Rudder Hard Over When Engaging Autopilot
Hi All. I'm new on this forum and I'm hoping I can get some help on understanding what's causing my autopilot to drive the rudder hard over when I go to Auto from Standby. I've read several posts but not sure their systems were the same as mine. I have a p70R Autopilot Controller, EV-1 Course Computer and ACU-400 Actuator Unit. When in Standby at the dock I can see the rudder indicator on the Controller tracking the rudder movement when I turn it port and starboard. I then centered the rudders and switched to Auto. The rudders immediately and swiftly move all the way to starboard. It did the same thing when I took the boat out and was cruising at 8-10 knots. Kind of exciting when it does that! This vessel is a 1987 Jefferson 42 that I purchased in January and it is the first time using the autopilot form. Orevious owner said the autopilot was working fine for him but he hadn't taken her out in over a year. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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03-13-20, 03:54 PM
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RE: [CA11] Rudder Hard Over When Engaging Autopilot
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum George,

I suspect that there may be an issue with the phasing of the drive unit's motor leads. I would recommend that a Pilot Factory Reset and the other actions specified within the FAQ found here be undertaken to correct the issue. When at the point of the wizard which instructs the operator to command right or left rudder, note whether the rudder moves in the correct direction when commanded, and if not, then swap the Motor A/B terminals which the drive units motor leads have been connected to. Additionally, should any of the autopilot's components not have the latest available Raymarine product software update installed, then the component(s) software should be updated according and then the actions of the previously specified FAQ should be followed.
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