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[TG] [TG11] Wind transducer wind angle issue
05-20-20, 09:34 AM
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RE: [TG11] Wind transducer wind angle issue

Thanks for the link. The first doc in the link is for ST60, I have i60 so not sure how to use that.

I will try the pointer calibration in the video shown for the i60, but I do not believe that is the issue.

The displays both show nearly the same angle (i60 analog and i70 digital, both in AWA mode) and the small difference I listed may be due to the person reading them for me.

Let me try to re-explain:

I was at the top of the mast physically moving the transducer wind vane by hand. I can align so the needles point to 0 when I hold the vane at 0, but when I hold the vane at 180, the needles are showing about 166. That is a 14 degree difference between the actual transducer vane angle and what's being displayed. The error seems to vary, but there's an error on nearly all angles except 0.

I don't believe it's a display issue either because the computed GROUND WIND is different when on different tacks. Here's what I mean:
I can be on port tack with an indicated AWA of 70, and the computed ground wind will be, say, 270. If I tack the boat and sail on starboard tack at the same indicated AWA of 70, the ground wind will now be showing computed at 290. That would indicate a 20 degree wind shift, but in reality that wind shift didn't happen. If I tack back to port tack, the ground wind is back to 270.

The system has worked fine previously, it just started doing this last year.

This has to be an error in the angle information the transducer is sending, correct?
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