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[TG] [TG11] Wind transducer wind angle issue
05-20-20, 07:22 PM
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RE: [TG11] Wind transducer wind angle issue
Hello TKP62,

My apologies, just before your question I had answered another where the poster was seeing different wind angles between digital and analogue displays, and with this in my mind I misread your original question. If the i60 and i70 are reading the same thing, you're correct that this is not i60 pointer calibration (I tend to get a bit heavy-handed on that particular issue because it's usually so hard to persuade people that that really is happening in their system...)

Focussing only on the directly-measured AWA rather than derived/calculated values: when you turn the vane feather slowly by hand, does the AWA on the displays change smoothly and evenly, without seeming to stick/jump/count backwards or similar? I understand that with the discrepancy in angles you're seeing it may well be that the pointer seems to track ahead or behind the vane feather at times, but if it reads smoothly then I don't think there's a windvane fault. You can cross-check this by looking at the signal voltage on the blue and green wires (against the shield/bare of the windvane transducer) with everything connected and powered. You should see on each wire a DC voltage that changes similarly smoothly and evenly between ~2V and ~6V in a sinusoidal pattern, once per rotation of the windvane (the two voltages will be 90 degrees out of step: sine and cosine.) If you see a static or significantly out-of-range voltage with changing wind angle on either wire that implies a windvane (or connection/cabling) fault.

If you see smooth and consistent wind angles/voltages then the problem may be as simple as the display's software linearisation of the wind angle data. If you do a Factory Reset on the i60 (I am assuming that's where the windvane is connected) then that will remove the current linearisation data and allow you to re-do the circles that will re-linearise. The Factory Reset is described in the Dealer Calibration section at the back of the handbook.

Again, sorry I misread your original question.


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