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Card reader question
05-14-20, 04:19 PM
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Card reader question
We have an Axiom 7 in our new boat. It came with the RCR-SD/USB reader. I want to replace it with the RCR-2 reader. Reason being, USB would stick out far enough that something is going to get damaged. The reader is in vulnerable spot. The RCR-2 is much better suited for that spot. Are the mounting screws holes identical between the two readers?

And I know the RCR-2 is discontinued but it's still available online.


It would be nice to have a Gopro app to work with LH3/Axiom. I know its been noted and logged in other threads.
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05-19-20, 09:22 AM
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RE: Card reader question
Hi Ken_NJ ,

The USB port is really designed to have software loaded or charge a usb device if needed. The charts are on a micro sd card with a sd reader so the door can close while the boat is running. Both of these readers are identical in terms of cutout and mounting. They are interchangeable in that sense.

Noted, I will pass along the recommendation,

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