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[JB] [JB] 2 Transducers with Raymarine Axiom 9
05-19-20, 03:54 PM (This post was last modified: 05-20-20 12:22 AM by Jules - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[JB] 2 Transducers with Raymarine Axiom 9

I have 2 Axiom displays on my boat:
Axiom 9 Realvision (Primary)
Axiom 7 Downvision (Secondary, not always powered on while underway)

I currently have 2 transducers as well.
RealVision 3D transom mount connected to the Axiom 9
CPT-S High Chip thru hull connected to the Axiom 7

I used the Axiom 7 when I first installed an auto pilot/radar and later upgraded to the 9. I moved the 7 to the back of the boat and I don't always have it powered on. I was using a CPT-S thru hull transducer with that display and I'd prefer to use my CPT-S transducer for my primary depth reading, but if the Axiom 7 isn't always powered on. The CPT-S does a great job holding bottom at speed while the RealVision transducer will lose bottom (not surprising, being a transom mount transducer when running 30mph +).

I have a 2 part question. Is there a Y cable splitter that will allow me to hook both the RV transducer and CPT-S transducer to my Axiom 9? If so, will I be able to use the CPT-S for my primary depth reading while simultaneously operating the RealVision transducer?

Thanks for your help!
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05-20-20, 01:45 AM
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RE: [JB] 2 Transducers with Raymarine Axiom 9
Hello rengnath,

Regrettably it's not possible to connect RV100 and CPT-S at the same time as the system does not support it.

If the RV100 is not able to track at the 30mph then you can try adjusting the transducer installation.

Happy boating and kind regards
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