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Replacing Pathfinder Series Redar Display with another of same series
01-18-16, 09:33 AM (This post was last modified: 12-27-17 03:27 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Replacing Pathfinder Series Redar Display with another of same series
Replacing Pathfinder Series Redar Display with another of same series

From the standpoint of radar scanner compatibility, the radar scanner which is presently interfaced a hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Radar Display may be interfaced to any of the following Plus and non-Plus Pathfinder Series Radar Displays:

- SL72
- SL72R
- SL70
- SL70RC
- R70
- R70RC
- R80
- R80RC
- RL70
- RL70RC
- RL70C
- RL80C

When replacing a hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Display featuring a Raychart reader with another hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Display, it may be necessary to purchase a new chart card(s) for the display. When a Pathfinder Series display is powered on a boot screen will be displayed referencing Raymarine or Raytheon. If the boot screen references Raymarine, then the display is considered to be a Pathfinder PLUS Series Display and will be compatible with C-Map's NT+ cartography (including NT+ Wide) . As many as two C-Map NT+ Wide C-Cards may be used in a Pathfinder PLUS Series display or network of hsb2 Pathfinder PLUS Series displays. C-Map NT+C-Cards may be purchased from an authorized C-Map dealer. Pathfinder PLUS Series displays having a Raychart (chart card reader) that are operating with v4.09 or v4.11 software installed within their program memory will additionally be compatible with C-Map’s 128KB User Cards. C-Map User Cards are used to back up waypoints and routes and to transfer such data between a PC and a Pathfinder PLUS Series display. If one owns an E86008 C-Map USBCC Reader (no longer available), then it is recommended that Raymarine's RayTech Planner or RayTech RNS 6.0 software be used for waypoint/route planning purposes. If not, then it is recommended that C-Map's PC Planner software be used for such purposes. At one time, a non-PLUS Pathfinder Series Display could be upgraded with the internal hardware of a Plus Pathfinder Series Displays ... the hardware required to perform this upgrade is no longer available for this retired product. At one time, Raymarine had also offered software update kits to maintain these hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Displays with the latest software. Unfortunately, the software update kits required to perform updates are no longer available for this retired product.

If the display's boot screen references Raytheon, then the display is considered to be a Pathfinder (non-PLUS) Series display and will be exclusively compatible with C-Map's NT (not NT+) cartography. At the time of this response, NT C-Cards could only be obtained directly from C-Map. Pathfinder (non-PLUS) Series Displays, other than fishfinders (L755, L760, L1250, etc.) may currently be upgraded to become Pathfinder PLUS Series Displays by Raymarine's Factory Repair Center. For pricing of the hsb to hsb2 hardware upgrades, click here. Note that this upgrade is not simply a software update, as some of display's internal hardware must be replaced. It should also be noted that the hardware required to perform these upgrades is becoming scarce. As such, should one be considering whether to upgrade a Pathfinder (non-PLUS) Series Display, it is recommended that the decision be made sooner rather than later.

A prudent mariner will maintain his the vessel's chartplotters with the latest available cartography for the waters being navigated. Raymarine neither produces nor sells cartography. Customers are advised to contact C-Map or a C-Map dealer when seeking the latest information concerning cartography for the waters to be navigated. C-Map NT cartography must be purchased directly from C-Map while C-Map NT+ cartography may be purchased from an authorized C-Map dealer. It is recommended that customers retain their older cartography until such time that they fully prove the compatibility of new cartography and also consider retaining the previous version of the cartography for emergency backup use.

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