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New GS-165 Installation
07-11-16, 02:23 PM
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New GS-165 Installation
Hello from Moe:

I am in the process of installing a GS-165 on my Beneteau 49 sailboat.

Has anyone had any experience with this unit and how will it interface with my E-95 down below?

Also is the "Auto Tac" feature able to be set up from my new GS-165. I currently have a restraint of 80 degrees on my i70 but if I understand it correctly I can set the "Auto Tac" from my multifunction display and expand my tac. I have updated all my systems to the newest update with the exception of my P-70" "Auto Pilots"

Big Moe
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07-12-16, 02:06 PM
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RE: New GS-165 Installation
Hi Moe,
The gS165 connects to the e95 via Raynet to Raynet Network Cable.

As far as the "Auto Tack" feature goes, this is not adjustable through the gS165.
"Auto Tack" is set to Relative.

The feature I believe you are seeking is "Auto Turn".

SPX & ST70 Pilot:

• Auto Turn:
o Mode available for all Vessel types
o Angle can be adjusted in (Menu-Pilot Cal-Drive Settings-Auto Turn)
o Manual adjustable angle of complete turn (10 to 125 degrees)
o Operation in Auto - (Menu- “Tack Starboard / Tack Port”)
o also- Operation in Auto – (+1/+10 & -1/-10 Keys)
o Not available in Vane mode
o Gybe Inhibit not available

• Auto Tack:
o Mode only available for Sail Boat vessel types
o Only functions in Vane Mode
o Tack Angle is Not adjustable and set “Relative” in (Menu-Pilot Cal- Sailboat settings)
o “Relative Tack Angle” – Tacks the boat relative to the ships head to mirror the wind angle on the opposite tack.
o Operation in Vane mode - (Menu- “Tack Starboard / Tack Port”)
o also- Operation in Vane mode – (+1/+10 & -1/-10 Keys)
o Gybe Inhibit switchable in Vane mode only within (Menu-Pilot Cal- Sailboat settings)
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