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ITC-5 Wind Speed Data Issue
09-18-16, 08:35 AM
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ITC-5 Wind Speed Data Issue
I am having an issue with wind speed data on my system and believe that the issue may reside with my ITC-5, but looking for a way to confirm. System is set up on a relatively simple SeaTalk NG network that i have attached for information. The current system was installed in June of 15'. I am currently not receiving any wind speed information, but do have wind direction. The ITC-5 status indicator for wind has a slow continuous pulse. the voltages at the ITC-5 and masthead junction box are as follows: Red/grd=8.49V, Blue/grd=2.5V (variable), Green/grd=5.5V (variable), Yellow/grd=3.27V (steady). All instruments show data correctly with exception of wind speed at 0.0. If i remove yellow connector off ITC-5 and measure voltage coming from the masthead, it reads 1.1V (variable). Reading voltage at ITC-5 yellow post without connector on it reads 3.27V (steady). I'm not sure i should be reading voltage at the yellow post on the ITC-5? Is there another test to confirm where issue may reside? Thanks for the assistance..
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09-19-16, 09:44 AM
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RE: ITC-5 Wind Speed Data Issue
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Sailblackpearl,

While it is necessary to calibrate a wind transducer to have accurate wind direction and speed reported, it is not necessary to calibrate a wind transducer to have it report un-calibrated wind speed and direction. The portion of the transducer test addressing wind speed involves testing the transducer's yellow to shield leads when disconnected from the iTC-5. The voltage and the statement of variable are consistent with a properly functioning masthead transducer. Additionally, the voltage level which you have reported as being measured across the ITC-5's yellow and shield wind terminals is consistent with a unit tested here. Given the symptoms reported it is recommended that the iTC-5 be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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