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E120/SeaRay Navigator Upgrade ?
01-19-17, 09:02 PM
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RE: E120/SeaRay Navigator Upgrade ?

Thank you! This was very helpful, and my apologies for the confusion before in the lengthy multi-part question.

So as it stands now:

1) I'll have the two eS12x MFD's, the CAM220, the HD Color Radome, and the SR100 connected to the HS5 switch. Those 5 devices will effectively consume every port on the HS5 and any future add-ons will require a second switch. Any issue?

2) The Ray240 and the SG2 SmartPilot will connect through a SeaTalk 3-way Junction to the ST to NG converter kit. Any issue?

3) The AIS500 will connect via a spur cable to the ST to NG converter. Any issue?

4) One of the eS12x MFD's will also connect to the ST to NG converter via a spur connection to bridge the two networks. Any issue and/or does it matter which MFD connects via NG?

5) What size fuse is specified for the HS5 switch? The installation document doesn't say.

I've attempted to attach a drawing here. Hope that helps.

Thanks again,

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