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e127 Fishfinder No Transducer Connected
02-27-17, 05:41 PM
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e127 Fishfinder No Transducer Connected
I have an e127 with a B744VL transducer connected. It is a two year old installation software ver 17.45. It worked well for almost two years and then became intermittent.
Now it will not stay on reporting depth.
When it is started a "No Transducer Selected" message comes up. I press the select transducer button but the unit does nothing when B744VL in selected.
When I reset the sounder the unit begins scrolling and correctly finds the depth. This lasts just long enough for me to select the B744VL transducer. The unit works properly for about 15 seconds and then a message comes up " No Transducer Connected. Connect a Transducer and restart the unit". This is very repeatable.
I have verified the cables are in good shape. I have used contact cleaner on the connectors for the transition connector cable between the B744VL and the e127. Using a magnifying glass the connectors look to be in great shape.
The Speed and Temperature functions have never worked on the B744VL even when it was on the old RL80C Plus.
Thank you,
Dave Frye
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03-01-17, 12:03 PM
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RE: e127 Fishfinder No Transducer Connected
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dave,

Please note that the Transducers Set-up feature (HOME->SET-UP->SYSTEM SETTING->EXTERNAL DEVICES->TRANSDUCERS SET-UP) is not intended for use with fishfinding transducers. Fishfinder transducer selection is performed within a fishfinder application page/pane via the command sequence MENU->SET-UP->TRANSDUCER SET-UP->SELECT TRANSDUCER. Should you be using the latter command sequence from within the fishfinder application, and should the problem persist, then it would appear that there is a problem with the e127 MFD's internal fishfinder sounder circuitry or with the transducer itself. A technician would fault isolate the problem by testing the MFD with a compatible transducer which was known to be operational. Given the age of the transducer , it is quite possible that the transducer may have failed. Alternatively, the e127 MFD may be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.

With respect to Speed and Temperature data, should you not alread have done so, then it is recommended that the MFD be configured to display two databoxes and that they be configured to display Speed and Water Temperature. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should the values reported within these databoxes be -.-, then it would appear that there is a problem with the transducer's speed/temp sensor. Should the transducer's depth sensing element be operational, then it would be recommended that Gemeco, Inc. (Airmar’s US distributor (803 693 0777)) be contacted to order a kit to replace the current speed insert with a replacement speed/temperature insert.
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