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05-11-17, 07:00 AM
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RE: Configuration
Sorry for the follow up question but is there a document or FAQ that shows the differences between the Type 150, Type 400, ST4000+, ST5000+, S1/S1G, S2/S2G, S3/S3G, SPX5/10/30, etc. There are a lot of devices on the second hand market and I've been looking for a document that explains the differences and failing at my google searching.
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05-11-17, 08:17 AM (This post was last modified: 05-11-17 08:27 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: Configuration

Unfortunately, Raymarine has not produced a single document describing the differences between the autopilot course computers which you have listed. However, the documentation for each of the listed autopilots may be found with Raymarine Retired Product Manuals [url=]here/url]. Within a family of autopilots, drive units are selected based upon the type of steering system installed onboard, the capacity of the steering ram(s) for hydraulically steered vessel. The model of drive unit then dictates the model of autopilot course computer or autopilot ACU which should be installed. Care should be exercised when purchasing second hand autopilot course computers, as Raymarine's Product Repair Center can no longer provide parts and service for the Type 150, Type 400, ST4000+, ST5000+, S1/S1G, S2/S2G, S3/S3G. Of the retired autopilot course computers listed, parts and service are currently available for only the SPX autopilot course computers. Given the limited parts and service availability of the retired autopilot course computers, and
- the increased reliability of the Evolution autopilot's solid state heading sensor over the mechanical fluxgate compass, and
- the significant performance improvements of the Evolution autopilots over the older autopilot course computer designs, and
- that Raymarine autopilot drive units which had been installed for use with these retired autopilot course computers are compatible with the corresponding Evolution ACU, and
- the greater accuracy and stability of heading data data produced by the Evolution autopilots, and
- the greatest level of MFD Autopilot Controls features are supported when interfaced to an Evolution autopilot,
it is generally advised that those seeking to replace a retired autopilot course computer strongly consider an Evolution autopilot rather than invest money in retired autopilot designs.
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