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DSM300 intermittent
08-09-17, 04:09 PM
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DSM300 intermittent
Working on a boat with an intermittent depth problem.

DSM300 (v4.20) connected to E120W (v2.65) MFDs via a Sirius SR6 ethernet switch.

Sounder (and therefore depth on ST70 instruments) keeps cutting in and out. At various points I've gotten the following blink codes:
1 Green every 10sec
Flashing Green (when it's actually working)
4 Amber (Reserved?)
8 Amber (Watchdog Timeout Reboot) it'll show this after power cycling and the sounder is actually working. Eventually it'll drop out again and show either the Green standby blink or the 8 Amber flashes.

Went through the FAQ from 01-07-16.

Power to the sounder is steady at 12.7V, wiggled cabling to see if the sockets were loose (didn't change anything). Condition of the cabling is good. Used a new STHS cable to go from the Sounder to the SR6 switch with the same results. Unfortunately didn't have another transducer with Raymarine plug on it to test.

Transducer setting in the menu was stuck on the P66 etc (plastic transom mount transucers) I couldn't change this until I had a brief moment where the unit was operating and could change it to the B744V. (The text had worn off of the transducer sticker, but it looks the same as every other B744V I've installed).

Just want to know if there's anything I could check that I'm missing from the FAQ before sending it in for repair. Are the DSM300s still serviceable or at this point in the lifespan does it mean switching to the CP370 is the only option?

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08-10-17, 12:37 PM
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RE: DSM300 intermittent
Hello Kevin,

From your description, it sounds like you have followed all normal testing procedures and your DSM may have an internal hardware fault. I suggest you send it in and I will evaluate the unit.

At the time of this post, I am still able to repair DSM's. However, I highly suggest an upgrade to the CP370 if your DSM does have a problem.

When you send in your DSM, please include a letter with your contact information and a brief description of your problem with your display model.

- Dave
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08-14-17, 06:50 AM
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RE: DSM300 intermittent
Thank you,

Booked a repair and it's being shipped.
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08-15-17, 06:30 AM
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RE: DSM300 intermittent
This is just food for thought, but last summer my DSM300 was intermittent and was driving me up the wall. I couldn't correlate its behavior to any other issues (connections/voltage/software/hardware). What ended up being the problem was a separate toggle switch on my center console. Somehow a grounding wire on another switch came lose and was touching (brushing against) the positive side of the switch every now and then. The DSM300 is very risk adverse and as soon as it was seeing the change/grounding on the positive side of my system, it would go into reboot or blank the screen (protection mode). Because all of my toggle switches on my console are jumped from a single positive/ground connection source, the lose ground was causing issues to the entire switch panel.

Not sure how your system is wired, but I would recommend a security check on all power connections at the back of switches/breakers on the same power feed (low cost and only takes a few minutes).

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08-15-17, 08:08 AM
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RE: DSM300 intermittent
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