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Attempts to update my A/C/E-Series Classic MFD's software have failed
03-24-16, 08:52 AM (This post was last modified: 02-06-20 03:12 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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Attempts to update my A/C/E-Series Classic MFD's software have failed
Attempts to update my A/C/E-Series Classic MFD's software have failed

Please click here to view a related FAQ addressing this subject. Of particular note within this related FAQ is the following note: With the understanding that A-Series Classic MFDs, C/E-Series Classic MFDs, RC400, and RC435/RC435i were designed more than 15 years ago, products of this time period were designed for use with CF memory cards having slower memory access times and smaller capacities than the CF memory cards which are commonly available today. The CF memory card limitations of the boot loaders of these products are common to products designed for use with CF memory cards which were produced during this same period (ex. digital cameras, Pocket PCs, etc.). While compatible CF memory cards were plentiful at the time that these products were introduced, they are somewhat challenging to locate in the marketplace today. As such, it has been STRONGLY recommended that should one not possess a CF memory card which has been previously proven to be compatible used in updating the software in one's product, that a compatible CF memory card, populated with the software update files for one's A-Series Classic MFD, C-Series Classic MFD, E-Series Classic MFD, RC400, RC435/RC435i, be ordered from Radar Marine, Inc. (360.733.2012). Doing so would also eliminate the risk of purchasing a CF memory card which is incompatible with the product for performing software updates.

Should the product's software fail to be updated using a CF card which has proven to be compatible for software updates (again, proven compatible means that it has been previously used to update the product's software or has been obtained from Radar Marine), such failure would be caused by one of the following:
- the CF memory card has not been properly populated ... the autorun.dob and .pkg file should be extracted/copied from the zip file and then pasted into the root level directory of the CF memory card
- the product's memory card has suffered a failure ... the product's memory card reader may be tested saving the product's waypoints, routes, or tracks to the CF memory card or successfully viewing cartography from a Navionics chart card. Please note that Raymarine's Product Repair Center can no longer service the CF memory card readers of C/E-Series Classic MFDs, RC400, and RC435/RC435i. Should the system feature more than one E-Series Classic MFD, then it is recommended that the MFD having a failed CF memory card reader be updated remotely via one of the E-Series Classic MFDs having an operational CF memory card reader. The software within A/C-Series Classic MFDs is not designed to be updated remotely from another MFD.

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