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MDS - Multiple data Source Selection
11-29-17, 11:42 AM (This post was last modified: 12-01-17 10:48 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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MDS - Multiple data Source Selection
Installations that include multiple instances of data sources can cause data conflicts, leading to erratic display of information, inaccurate information and system instability. To help manage this situation, current Multifunction displays and i70 instruments have a feature called MDS (Multiple Data Source Selection)

The Multiple Data Sources (MDS) feature is intended to permit more than one instance of a NMEA 2000 data source to be interfaced to a SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 backbone to which an a/c/e/eS/gS-Series Data Master MFD, i70 Multifunction Instrument Display (MFID), and/or p70/p70R Autopilot Control Head has been interfaced. The MFD, MFID, or autopilot control head would then permit the operator to configure which of these data sources is to be used by the Raymarine system for the selected type of data (GPS, GPS Datum, Time and Date, Heading, Depth, Speed, Wind).

An example of a situation where the issue could arise is an installation featuring more than one source of depth data, where a system onboard the vessel could have a depth instrument with it's own dedicated transducer, as well as a sonar / fishfinder unit and possibly a smart transducer connected direct to the network.

MDS enables you to manage conflicts of data involving the following types of data:
• GPS Position
• Heading
• Depth
• Speed
• Wind

Typically this exercise is completed as part of the initial installation, or when new equipment is added. If this exercise is NOT completed the system will automatically attempt to resolve data conflicts. However, this may result in the system choosing a source of data that you do not want to use, or worse it could allow two sources of data to circulate within the sytem leading to inaccurate data.

If MDS is available the system can list the available data sources and allow you to select your preferred data source. For MDS to be available all products in the system that use the data sources listed above must be MDS-compliant. Please refer to the FAQ found here for non compliant devices.

Raymarine would always recommend that the MDS selection process is carried once the installation has been completed and after any changes have been made to the installation. By performing the MDS selection on the i70 or on the Multifunction Display you will confirm to the rest of the Raymarine units in the STng network which source of data is to be used.

The system can list any products that are NOT compliant. It may be necessary to upgrade the software for these non-compliant products to make them compliant. Visit the Raymarine website to obtain the latest software for your products. If MDS-compliant software is not available and you do NOT want the system to automatically attempt to resolve data conflicts, any non-compliant product(s) can be removed or replaced to ensure the entire system is MDS-compliant

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