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3D Realvision Transducer pairs
11-30-17, 09:53 AM (This post was last modified: 12-01-17 10:54 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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3D Realvision Transducer pairs
3D realvision through hull Transducers are designed to install onto a flat surface under the hull of the boat, in a location free from underwater turbulence, see the FAQ found here for additional background.

The use of a pair of transducers enables them to be mounted either side of the keel, or in the case of catamarans even one in each hull, to eliminate the possible 'shadow' effect caused by the keel or other hull, offering the best quality image of the sub sea level.

The following points are important to note:-

• The further apart the transducers are the poorer the performance will be in shallow water and the more obvious the separation will become, by shallow we mean 2 or 3 metres, the deeper the water the less obvious this will become.
• The transducers CAN be mounted asymmetrically from the centreline – as long as they are at the same angle from the vertical, so, for example, if the deadrise angle of the hull is constant and equal on both sides of the centreline, then one transducer can be close to the centreline and the other further away and they will both be at the same angle to the vertical. In this case one transducer will be deeper than the other, but in water over 5m deep, this will not be noticeable, as the water gets shallower, then the separation and unequal depth will become more obvious.
• If the Deadrise angle changes further away from the keel, then the transducer mounted further away from the one on the opposite side of the keel, will create an asymmetric image and so will distort the 3 D view, progressively getting worse in shallower water and this should be discouraged at all costs. This is caused by the fact that the two transducers are at different angles to the vertical
• Best performance is given by keeping the transducers close together and at the same angle from the vertical.

Click here for further information from our website.

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