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A/C/E-Series Classic MFD not displaying detailed cartography
02-12-18, 05:18 PM (This post was last modified: 02-12-18 05:23 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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A/C/E-Series Classic MFD not displaying detailed cartography
A/C/E-Series Classic MFD not displaying detailed cartography

The currently installed version of software within the MFD is specified within the MFD's legal disclaimer which must be acknowledged each that the MFD is powered on. If not presently operating with the latest available Raymarine product software update, then it is strongly recommended that the MFD's software be updated accordingly. Raymarine software updates are cumulative in nature. As such, one need only install the latest software update to enjoy the new features, feature enhancements, and feature modifications of previous software updates. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to check a MFD's software level and how the MFD's software may be updated.

If the MFD has been updated with latest available Raymarine product software update, then verify that the chart application's cartography configuration setting for Chart Display setting has been configured to DETAILED (default value) or EXTRA DETAILED. Please note that Raymarine's MFDs begin to declutter at 3 nm. When wanting to view all buoys, be certain that the chart scale is configured for 1.5nm or less. Also, check that the Chart application's Declutter feature (PRESENTATION->DECLUTTER) has been configured to OFF. Should this be the case, then it is recommended that the chart boundaries (MENU->CARTOGRAPHY SETUP->CHART BOUNDARIES) feature be configured to ON and then it is recommended that the chart application be ranged out until chart outlines for indicating the areas of coverage for the cart card can be viewed (approx. 48nm). Should these chart outlines not be visible, then it may indicate one of the following:

- the MFD's software is in a state preventing cartography from being properly viewed. It is recommended that a Factory Reset operation be commanded to restore the MFD to its default settings and data state.

- the chart card(s) version is not compatible with MFD software version. Raymarine recommends that its products be maintained with the latest available software and Good Seamanship Practices call chart maintenance (i.e. using the latest version of cartography for the waters being navigated with one's electronics). Should you have not performed the factory reset operation called out in the update's installation instructions, then it is recommended that you do so.

- The chart card's chartcat.xml file has become corrupted. Raymarine MFDs create a file named chartcat.xml and store this file within the root level directory of the chart card. The chartcat.xml file is used to speed access to chart files stored on the chart card. Should the chartcat.xml file have been created using an earlier MFD software version or have become corrupted, it is sometimes possible to restore the chart card to an operational state by using a PC to delete the chartcat.xml file from the CF memory card. IMPORTANT - DO NOT DELETE ANY FILES OR FOLDERS OTHER THAN CHARTCAT.XML FROM A NAVIONICS CHART CARD. DELETION OF NAVIONICS DATA FROM THIS CHART CARD MAY ADVERSELY IMPACT THE PERFORMANCE OF THE CHART CARD AND WILL VOID ANY WARRANTIES FROM NAVIONICS. The MFD will create and save a new chartcat.xml file to the card when it is next used with the MFD.

- the chart card or MFD's memory card reader has experienced a failure. Inspect the MFD's memory card reader for bent or broken pins. If all appears to be in order, then MFD's memory card reader may be tested by commanding the MFD to Archive (save) Waypoints to a compatible CF memory card (the chart card may also be used for this test). If the MFD reports that it is successful in doing so, then the MFD's memory card reader would be deemed to be operational. Should a problem be detected with the MFD's memory card reader, then the MFD would need to be replaced, as Raymarine can no longer service the CF memory card readers with C/E-Series Classic MFDs.

Should problem be determined to be rooted in the Navionics chart card, then it would be recommended that the FAQ found here be viewed for further recommendations.

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