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(DG) Type 300 compatibility question
02-13-18, 06:05 AM (This post was last modified: 02-13-18 07:23 AM by Derek - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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(DG) Type 300 compatibility question

We have a backup autopilot system that consists of a Type 300 computer, a ST7000 head and a Type ii linear drive. The unit is not interfaced to our primary SeatalkNG network and is only a backup that would be required to hold a heading. The head unit has died and I am wondering what heads are compatible with the old 300 course computer. There are some ST7001 heads available on ebay, and I think I recall reading that they are compatible, but not 100% certain. Using a more modern head unit (like the p70 we have for our primary system), is appealing in case we ever upgrade the 300 course computer, but again, not certain how backwards compatible they are.

As a separate issue, the rudder reference has also died. Is the Type 300 computer able to work without a rudder reference input like the more modern course computers?

Cheers- Matt
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02-13-18, 07:34 AM
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RE: (DG) Type 300 compatibility question
Hi Matt,
Thank you for your enquiry.

The T300 computer uses an earlier form of SeaTalk and so is best not connected to STng via a converter. if you can locate a similar generation control unit, STxxx1/ Stxxx2 then this would be preferable, click here for further details on alternatives.
The later version of the ST6001 and St7001 are compatible, some aspects of calibration may not be accessible, but generally the normal operation modes are all accessiable and most of the calibration settings are able tobe edited to suit - bear in mind calibration settings are stored in the computer so changingt eh control unit will not affect them.

before changing to the current P70s and p70Rs control heads, refer
to this FAQ here for more information.

The T300 requires a rudder reference unita nd so a new one must be fitted.

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02-13-18, 06:26 PM
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RE: (DG) Type 300 compatibility question
Thanks Derek!
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02-14-18, 05:12 AM
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RE: (DG) Type 300 compatibility question
Hi Perry 123,
your'e welcome!
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