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(DG) ev200 /ev400 differences
03-28-18, 10:35 AM (This post was last modified: 03-29-18 05:09 AM by Derek - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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(DG) ev200 /ev400 differences
Is the ev200 and ev400 sail version only different in the drive output capability?

Could the ev200 drive the type 2 linear drive with a couple of external relays to up the drive capability?
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03-29-18, 05:15 AM
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RE: (DG) ev200 /ev400 differences
Hi Byroniix

Thank you for your enquiry

The EV400 contains the ACU400, the EV200 contains the ACU200, the difference is in the current handling capability of the ACU, the larger drives will take more current, so the ACU is engineering with larger capacity FETs as well as more copper area in the tracks on the PCB.

SO do not try to use an ACU200 to drive a T2 or T2S linear drive unit.

We would strongly advise against using relays too, these will add both delays and back emf surges into the ACU and will at best interfere with the performance of the autopilot - at worst blow it up.

The safe option is to use the ACU400

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