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[CA] Ev-150 Deviation Cruise and No Change in "Detecting Magnetics" status
04-30-18, 06:53 AM (This post was last modified: 04-30-18 03:57 PM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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[CA] Ev-150 Deviation Cruise and No Change in "Detecting Magnetics" status
I'm having a problem with the final calibration step of a EV150 Autopilot that I purchased new from TheGPS Store approximately 3 weeks ago.

The overall installation went well. No real problems. I've successfully completed the Dockside Wizard per the Raymarine instructions. And all of the vessel parameters have been entered.

But the final step of calibrating requires a determination of the magnetic deviation of the EV-1 sensor by going on a slow (3-15kts) seatrail performing "Figure 8s" for 15-20 minutes. I believe this step is technically referred to as the "deviation cruise"

During this time, the "progress bar" on the AP control head should progressively change from red to green color and get longer indicating a successful calibration. Here's the problem: none of this happens. The progress bar never moves. I've made small turns. I've made big, wide turns. I've made figure 8's. I've done circles. I've gone slow (5kts). And I've gone fast (10 kts). Nothing changes. The status bar never moves and never changes colors. It's red.

Below are the software version of each component:

EV-1: v.2.18 (E70096)
p70Rs: v.3.07 (E70329)
ACU: v.2.23 (E70430)

Per the Raymarine website, these are the most recent versions of each component.

As background: I've read through this thread several times regarding AP calibration and setup:

I've read through this thread related to software updates and what is required for recalibrating the AP:

The "compass lock" feature has been placed both "on" and "off" during the deviation cruise and I've seen no change in calibration success.

During the Dockside Wizard setup, I did witness the motor turn to port and turn to starboard when prompted (so I know that the pump is working correctly)

The backbone and all spurs are installed per Raymarine instructions/manuals. And noise-suppressing ferrites are installed on both the ACU 5-amp power supply, the 15-amp power supply as well as the pump leads to the ACU.

sidebar question: Can the STng (white) communication cable from the EV-1 be connected to a spur and the spur then connected to the backbone via a STng(blue) cable? Or does the STng (white) cable from the EV-1 need to be fed directly to the backbone? I asked a technician on the 1-800 Raymarine customer support line this same question and he indicated that I could use the STng (blue) cable to connect the spur to the backbone.

FYI - The EV-1 sensor is located 5ft away from the Raymarine Type 1 pump. And 4.5ft away from the starting and house battery. There are no electrical wires/cables near the EV-1 sensor. I have taken a small hand-held compass into the area where the EV-1 is mounted and see no magnetic deviation. Sidebar: When powered-up, the green light on the EV-1 sensor is "lit". Also, the green light on the ACU is also "lit".

So what am I missing?
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