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0.5 L Hydraulic pump spec discrepancy
07-28-16, 01:37 PM
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RE: 0.5 L Hydraulic pump spec discrepancy
I am happy to report that purging the system via the direct connection to 12v power worked perfectly. Ran the dockside wizard, left the degree of range and hard over times at the default (30 degrees and 10 seconds), and the drive turned the correct direction when the unit ran its test.

Took her out for a spin, magnetic detection completed, only 6 deviation, so well within the acceptable deviation range. Holds bearing quite well and I'm pleased so far. Looking forward to putting it through it's paces.

I do have a couple of questions:

1. Drive type: The unit lets me choose between Type 1 pump, wheel, and tiller. It does not give me the option to change to a Type 0.5 pump, which is what I have. Is this normal, or is this something that needs to be corrected?

2. Hard over time: What is the best way to determine the hard over time?

3. I noticed that the unit seemed to "learn" as it did its course correcting, as it started holding a truer course and not over correcting. Does it save what it learns until it is re calibrated, or does it have to relearn every time the unit is powered off / restarted?

4. This is just out of my own curiosity, and corresponds with the "learning" described in the previous question. The unit is networked with my a78, so it has access to speed over ground from that unit I would think. The boat steers very differently at low / idle versus cruising speed. Does the pilot system take that speed information in to account when it is determining the appropriate amount of rudder to apply during a course correction?
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