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(DG11) Rudder Pump Oscillations
05-24-18, 05:51 AM (This post was last modified: 05-30-18 08:32 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: (DG11) Rudder Pump Oscillations
Hi PetrelMarine

The level of rudder damping you have selected is fine and should have no obvious effect on course holding, once the vessel is underway, the waterflow past the rudders normally adds additional damping too and so I am sure you will experience stable course holding.

ref your questions,

1 - given that you have a rudder reference unit fitted, this hardover time is merely for information and so can really be ignored - since the autopilot takes it's positioning detail and determines rudder application based on the rudder position derived from the transducer. the measured hardover time becomes important in cases where no rudder reference unit is fitted. As a check, wind the steering hard to port, select AUTO and then enter 15 x +10 degree course change button presses. Time how long the system takes to move the rudder hard to Starboard, anything over 6 - but below 12 seconds is acceptable.

2- If the Hardover time measured as above is still below 6 seconds, then the pump will oscillate as it is struggling to accurately position the rudder and constantly overshooting.

Sea-trialling the boat will confirm if the rudder Damping level selected is acceptable.

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