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[CA] [CA11] NMEA 2000 and Axiom 9
05-23-18, 07:26 PM (This post was last modified: 05-24-18 08:24 AM by Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator.)
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RE: [CA11] NMEA 2000 and Axiom 9
Chuck - thanks for the links, done some pretty deep reading trying to wrap my head around this and I better educated myself on the networking and terminology, I think.

Regarding your separate note on the backbone, I apologize for the confusion, I made an error in my sketch. I did not use a spur cable to connect the Ancor NMEA2K backbone, it is a devicenet adaptor male cable A06046. Since my Axiom can receive data from the Raystar 125 GPS receiver and my ST60 is listening and reporting depth, can I assume what I have is correct?

Regarding the 3rd part engine gateway, I do know the instances have been set for port engine as 0 and starboard engine as 1. I needed this performed for the existing Vesselview module to report both engines successfully on the app. I can only assume the engine PGN's are NMEA 2K consistent as per the gateway specifications. If nothing else looks out of place to you I will reach out to Mercury hopefully for some support on this.

Question 2, as I read further and now understand a bit more of this network wiring, I assume I do not even need this Ancor NMEA2K backbone at this time? If not, I am removing it and connecting the Axiom to the STNG backbone with my Devicenet female cable A06045.

More to come as I am planning to replace the ST60 this weekend with an i70s now that I know how to expand the STNG backbone correctly.

Thanks again

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